Recycled farm animal feed sacks into mult-use tote bags.

Jan Taylor the owner of Feed Bag Totes is a Lender for a regional Credit Union by day, feed bag picker, bookkeeper, website marketer, sales manager and all around chief cook and bottle washer during her lunch hour, during the week after work into the wee hours and every single weekend. She started this venture 5 years ago and has built the business with blood, sweat, tears and tantrums.

Jan has had experience in small business before and operated this business on her own until recently when commercial sales picked up so much she simply couldn't keep up and hired women as independent contractors to help fill the commercial orders while she focused on sales and marketing and the online business.

But not just any women - amazing women who cannot, for various reasons hold a traditional job. Feed Bag Totes offers a flexible, work from your home, at your own pace work environment. We also provide all the materials necessary to finish an order and often provide the women with a sewing machine of their own that they can use in between the big orders to create things all their own. We encourage them to create things that will sell at local markets and guide them thru the process of setting up their own online business.

The "all the time" creators -

Ms Diane - is a 70+ year old women who owns her own leather repair shop in the local area. A grandmother of many Diane has been around a sewing machine for years. Her daughter flips them and fold them for her. She produces most of the commercial orders. Diane recently saved up using her Feed Bag Tote earnings for a trip of a lifetime to Scotland with her husband - without this opportunity, this trip may never have been possible.

Dawn - used to own a small business herself creating custom jewelry pieces to sell in her brick and mortar and at local events and markets. Now - she is the 24/7 primary caretaker for her elderly mother and needed a new way to make extra money. Dawn's attention to detail made her the perfect fit to bring into the flock to help in the commercial order business.

The logistics guy -

John - is the one that insures packages arrive on time, that we pick up donated feed bags when we promised and even occasionally hand delivers commercial orders in South Texas. He is also the tech guy - insuring that the computers and network are always operational. The owner Jan and John have been married 28 years.

The business has 3 revenue streams;
* Direct to consumer via the website
* Wholesale to merchants who resell them in their shops and stores
* Commercial - where we convert their proprietary branded empty feed sacks into feed totes to be used at Expo's, sponsored events, Sales Rep giveaways or employee incentives.
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